full name THEODORE "THEO" BENJAMIN TATE birthday & age 08.18.1992, 29 birthplace park slope, brooklyn current residence OAKLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, CA occupation professor at uc berkeley & csa agent status all guys want bad boys cv identity SPIDER-MAN (PETER PARKER)

theo and his mother never settled anywhere for very long. this had less to do with the nature of her work as a teacher and more to do with her own personal preference, a restlessness that made it difficult for them to put down roots anywhere for too long. while it was rough going at times for theo, especially during high school, he has since appreciated the experiences he was afforded, both in the states and overseas as a global citizen from a young age.

together they lived in las vegas, london, quebec, singapore, portland, amsterdam, colorado, boston, new york - just to name a few. some places were barely home for a few months, and others a year or more. along with them often came his mother's brother, charming and vibrant and perpetually down on his luck. theo looked up to him more than anything as a father figure he'd been searching for. while theo's mom encouraged his love of reading, his uncle challenged him to more difficult homework, motivated him to be more adventurous, introduced him to his favorite historical events, and taught him how to surf.

theo became settled out on his own, finally, taking space in new york to attend nyu. he wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps for a teaching career that could take him places, even though it was a struggle to decide on which path he wanted to take. he settled on history, after considering mathematics and sciences, as he'd always been a smart kid with a sponge for a brain, ahead of every class and well suited to homeschooling and special study groups.

he belted through school, young in each of his years, coming out at the end of it all with a doctorate in history, and accepted a position as a professor at ucsf. theo had no problem packing up and moving back across to the other side of the country - he didn't even own that much to move, in the end. theo's uncle was arrested in his first year of teaching for mob connections, and while it rocked theo's reality he became convinced that he'd been framed. in his spare time, theo researches the case, and looks for discrepancies.

more recently, theo has been hired as a consultant for the csa in a role that might seem unexciting but is very thrilling for him in checking and cross-checking and inspecting records both current and historical of known supers. he's busy between that and his classes, and all the time he spends reading, hobby coding, gaming, surfing, and falling over the shoelaces he forgot to tie.

theo is sociable, friendly, outgoing and bookish. he's easy to get along with but can be forgetful and easily distracted, especially by something he's passionate about. that means he's never quite been able to hold down a long-term relationship. he has strong drive for the people and things he cares about, is witty and clever and excruciatingly clumsy.

adorkable badass adorable badass bookworm beware the nice ones dating catwoman gibbering genius the heart the klutz wide-eyed idealist

can play the guitar and sing. he's in a band, but he's always mistaken as the sound guy.
surfs every morning, skateboards and rides his bike everywhere - he doesn't have a car.
his bikes are all named after famous historical horses.
terrible cook but can make instant ramen in 30 different ways.
collects analog cameras.

double letter initials: p.p. โ†’ t.t.
middle name benjamin
uncle as father figure
booksmart and nerdy
copes with awkwardness by joking
professors who wear glasses
dated "black cat"
hyper-competent brilliant mind but human disaster



spider-man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor stan lee and writer-artist steve ditko. he first appeared in the anthology comic book amazing fantasy #15 (aug. 1962). his origin story has him acquiring spider-related abilities after a bite from a radioactive spider; these include clinging to surfaces, superhuman strength and agility, and detecting danger with his "spider-sense." he then builds wrist-mounted "web-shooter" devices that shoot artificial spider-webbing of his own design.

Peter Parker lost his parents, Richard and Mary Parker, at a young age. Orphaned, he had to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. During a science exhibition, he was bitten by a Radioactive Spider, granting him his powers. He decided to use these powers for his own selfish gain, until his Uncle Ben died at the hands of a Burglar he could've stopped. It was at that point that he learned "With great power, there must also come great responsibility", and decided to live up to his uncle's mantra and use his powers as a force for good as Spider-Man. (MORE HERE)

CANON POINT: peter parker is played largely from his 616 incarnation.



     superhuman reflexes
     superhuman strength
     superhuman speed
     superhuman stamina
     superhuman durability
     superhuman agility
     superhuman equilibrium
     enhanced immune system
     regenerative healing
organic web-shooters
indomitable will
genius level intellect
expert inventor & engineer
master acrobat
master martial artist

memories of peter parker
memories of uncle ben
memories of spider-man
memories of gwen stacy's death
memories of the avengers
memories of spider-man's 'death'